Fit to Fly | RT-PCR Test

Este é um teste clínico realizado por um dos nossos clínicos. Escolha a sua consulta na clínica mais adequada.

If you are intending to travel for leisure, work or educational purposes, please select this test. Once the test has been completed and the results are confirmed, you will receive the relevant certificate and a QR code confirming your travel fitness status.

This test will not be accepted for travel to Singapore, Jamaica, Hong Kong or Jersey.

O que é um teste PCR?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a test specifically designed to detect the presence of the genetic material/antigens of the COVID-19 virus. The only way the genetic material can be detected is if an individual is actively infected with virus. The test is sensitive enough to detect the virus even in the early stages of infection, it does this by detecting viral RNA (ribonucleic acid) which is present in the body before the onset of symptoms or antibodies. The PCR test is the Gold Standard for determining those individuals who are infected and those who are not. In turn this greatly assists airlines and countries giving them a degree of control over the spread of the virus. By taking the test and following the guidelines we are all helping to halt the spread of this virus. We are competitively priced to help ensure affordability for all.’

Passo 1

Marque a sua consulta online.

Passo 2

Chegue 5 minutos antes da sua consulta

Passo 3

A amostra é retirada e analisada em laboratório


Passo 4

Os resultados e o certificado são fornecidos em 24 horas.