COVID Recovery Pass

Have you had covid within the past 6 months, and still want to travel abroad? 

You can order our Covid Recovery Pass that will prove you have recovered from covid 19 if you have tested positive more than 11 days ago and less than 6 months. 

Simply fill in our form to assess your suitability, then we will email you over the certificate, which will remain valid for 180 days.  

By having this test, you will be able to travel and attend events without a Covid test. You may even be able to use this certificate if you are unvaccinated.  

Remember to always check with your event/airline provider to ensure that the certificate is suitable for use. It is also important that your details are up to date and accurate, as this will be used to match with your test. 

When ordering your test, it is also important to note the timings for receiving your test: 

  • COVID Recovery Pass will be issued between 7am to 10pm GMT.


  • Express Orders can be placed any time after 8pm, but they will only be received until 7am


( within 3 Hours)


(within 24 Hours)

For Existing DAM Customers


( within 3 Hours)


(within 24 Hours)

How your COVID-19 Recovery Pass works

Order your certificate

Complete a questionnaire and upload photos of your positive COVID-19 test result.

Reviewing details

Your details from the form will be reviewed and certificate will be issued if you are eligible.

Get your certificate

We will email your certificate to you. 

Proof of recovery

Show your certificate on your device, upload, or print out to show your status wherever this is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a covid-19 recovery certificate?

A Covid-19 Recovery Certificate, also known as Proof of Covid Recovery, a Covid Recovery Letter or Proof of Natural Immunity, confirms that you have recently had Covid-19 and have recovered. In this instance you are likely to be protected against Coronavirus by your antibodies. It is commonly used for entry to destinations that accept Covid-19 Recovery Certificates as an alternative to Fit to Fly Certificates, which show that you were unlikely to have Covid-19 on the date of your test.

Covid-19 Recovery Certificates can permit travel for passengers who have recovered from Covid-19 but may continue to test positive for Coronavirus despite displaying no symptoms.

You'll need to upload a positive Covid-19 test result and be able to demonstrate that you've recovered from Covid-19 during the application process to be eligible for a Recovery Certificate. If your application is approved, you'll need to show your positive Covid-19 test result alongside your Covid-19 Recovery Certificate when you travel for entry to your destination.

When can I apply for a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

You can apply a minimum of 11 days from your positive Covid-19 test, provided you have been free of symptoms for 48 hours. If you are still unwell after 11 days then it's unlikely you have recovered yet. Your symptoms will be assessed during your application.

Who can apply for a Covid-19 Recovery certificate?

All adults and children (over 5) in the UK, regardless of vaccination status, who can evidence a positive Covid-19 test result within the last 11-180 days, and have fully recovered from Covid-19. Please Note each application is individually reviewed for eligibility.

We offer 2 services for the delivery of your Covid-19 Recovery Certificate:

  • *Express Delivery: £69 - You'll receive your certificate within 3 hours.
  • Standard Delivery: £59 - You'll receive your certificate within 24 hours.

For Existing DAM Customers:

  • *Express Delivery: £59 - You'll receive your certificate within 3 hours.
  • Standard Delivery: £49 - You'll receive your certificate within 24 hours.

Your certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF within your chosen timeframe if your application is successful. 

Please note that if there is a query on your application i.e. a date may be incorrect or the evidence may not be adequate then this may lead to a delay in the issue of your certificate.

Many countries now accept a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate in place of a negative Covid-19 test. These countries include the USA, Canada, Australia and some participating member countries of the EU. Please check the foreign travel advice website for more details on your destination's specific entry requirements and the period of validity for your Covid-19 Recovery Certificate.

You can upload the evidence of your positive Covid-19 test during the application process. PDFs can be uploaded as well as screenshots/photos of DAM test results or other recognised test providers.

For PDFs, screenshots and photos the following must be displayed:

  • Your full name.
  • The date of your positive Covid-19 test.

You can find example positive test result here:

If you're uploading a screenshot/photo of a UK DAM email or text that contains your test results, you must display:

  • The screenshot must include the toolbar/browser at the top of the page of your device.
  • For websites: This must include the website address.
  • For apps: This must include everything on the screen.

Additionally, the screenshot/photo must display:

  • For email: This must include: to, from, subject and date fields.
  • For text messages: This must include the name/number of the sender.

Some countries will not accept DAM test result texts or emails for Covid-19 Recovery Certificates e.g. Austria. Please ensure you have checked your destination's entry requirements for exclusions as we cannot be held responsible for errors of this nature.

Please note: We cannot accept photos of test cassettes such as antigen lateral flow tests because these cannot be verified. Vaccination certificates are also not accepted for this service.

What if my evidence is rejected?

If you're assessed as ineligible for a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate by our team, a full refund will be issued.

If your application was submitted incorrectly, we will endeavour to work with you to rectify the issue and resubmit your application correctly.

If there's any doubt over the validity of the evidence you provide, your application will be rejected. If there are signs of tampering with your positive Covid-19 test result, you will be banned from our service, and a refund will not be issued.

Photos of antigen lateral flow tests cannot be accepted because the test results cannot be verified. Antigen lateral flow test results can be accepted from an approved provider or laboratory that has verified them, for example, antigen tests offered and validated by Corona Test Centre are accepted.

‍Can I receive a refund for this service?

If our team decides that a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate cannot be issued to you based on the information you've provided us, we'll issue a full refund for your Recovery Certificate.

Please note: We won’t be held liable and are unable to refund you if you don't review the entry requirements for your travel destination or your particular airline policy before you travel and are subsequently refused entry. To avoid this, we recommend you check their requirements before purchasing a Covid-19 Recovery certificate.